We strive for continuous improvement, collaboration between schools, and the development and promotion of the IB ethos and its programmes.


In December 2021 The Caucasus and Central Asia Association of IB World Schools (CCAAIBWS) was established with the forming of the Board consisting of The European Azerbaijan School, The Tbilisi European School and The Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan. Directors of the three schools officially signed and declared the establishment of the association. This was quickly followed by the first International Experiential Learning Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan on 10-12th December 2021. It was hosted by the European Azerbaijan School and saw international and local experts and educators come together to share experiences and ideas.


The association is moving from strength to strength and during the latest months has welcomed more members, to a current total of 15. The 31st of January saw the first online meeting of the association during which the members discussed supporting schools, developing opportunities for teachers, students and leaders, collaborating and promoting the association.

1st International Experiential Learning Conference

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IB Educators
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Our Aims


  • To provide help and support to IB candidate and IB world schools, primarily those situated in the Caucasus and Central Asia, or to any school offering any of the four IB programmes. 
  • To assist in the promotion of the IB in the Caucasus and Central Asia area. 
  • To represent IB World Schools in the Caucasus and Central Asia area at meetings with organizations and authorities, upon receiving written approval from the IB’s Global Centre in The Hague. 
  • If needed, to arrange round tables for teachers, coordinators or other employees of the member schools. 
  • To collaborate with other Associations of IBWS on different projects and provide support and help to fulfil the shared vision. 
  • To provide liaison with the Ministries of Education of the member school countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. 
  • To provide liaison with the universities in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. 


  • To promote special recognition of the IB programmes by the Ministries of Education and by the universities in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. 
  • To support professional development among IB schools in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. 
  • To support IB staff and student activities during the meetings and events organized by the Association. 
  • To promote research into the benefits of the IB programmes. 
  • To expose the IB Programmes and achievements of IB students in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. 
  • To collect data to improve the implementation of the IB programmes and the related support. 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela


A comprehensive guide to the fundamental laws and principles that govern the operations and practices of CCAAIBWS Association. The Constitution outlines the rights, responsibilities, and duties of members, and lays out the framework for decision-making and conflict resolution.