The Visionary Trio: Meet the Founders of CCAAIBWS

Francesco Banchini

CEO & Director at European Azerbaijan School; author, educator, and researcher.

He is an experienced leader, educator, author and researcher. He has implemented many innovations in international schools, published a book on leadership (convergent and divergent thinking), one on historical musical notation, and articles on leadership and education.

Gulnara Salmen

Founder & Regional Representative of CCAAIBWS 

She is an educational leader experienced in the implementation of international standards (IB and CIS) in the local contexts and the development of textbooks and digital educational resources in the national rollout. She is passionate about educating, learning, and sharing knowledge with the life motto: ‘If you do not help to improve the system, your neglect will come to haunt you, or your grandchildren’.

Sophio Bazadze

Director of the European School Tbilisi

Dr. Sophio Bazadze is a distinguished leader, educator, and accomplished author and researcher. With expertise in English Language and Literature, she holds a doctorate in the subject, focusing on “English Pre-Raphaelites and Algernon Charles Swinburne.” Throughout her extensive teaching career, Dr. Bazadze has held prestigious positions at renowned institutions, including her current role as the Director of the European School since 2017. Her commitment to international education is evident through her participation in IB international training and active contributions to academic research and conferences.